Savour the moment… The weekend series | Part 13

The weekend is here and I couldn’t be more thankful that it’s the last of January. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be glad to see the back of what has felt like a cold, dreary, and very slow month. But I am happy that the evenings are seeming a bit lighter and February in all it’s short-month-glory, will bring us quickly to the start of spring.

So whilst in business I’ve been doing what I can to seize the moment and take some action, the weekends are a little more about savouring moments and this post is a chance to kick-back, relax, and catch up on lots of interesting reads.

Here are a few of my favourites this week…

My daily Five-Minute Journal is all about gratitude and affirmations. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, and I’ve not completely stuck to it in all honesty, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. One of the things I’ve been finding quite tough is my daily affirmation, but this positive blog post from Rachel Gladiel has given me all kinds of affirmation inspiration. Have you ever used daily affirmations? Are they something that comes naturally or do you need a little help to create them? 

Since moving house, I’ve been slowly taking my time to get settled and make each room and space something that reflects me (I mean us) and my our personalities. However, my home office is my space, and I’m fortunate that it doesn’t blur into a spare room/living room/general space, it’s just for me and my crazy brain to work in. Which means I can decorate it to suit my taste. These workspaces have given me plenty of inspiration the past few weeks and I’m certainly getting there with organising my shelves for the perfect shelfie. 

I’m so happy that I stumbled across this post as it’s led me to a really great blog that I just know will be taking the time to read regularly. I love the idea of mindful eating, and taking your time to enjoy and savour your food. So often we’re all so busy that eating at our desks, in a rush, in front of the TV, means we never get a chance to actually stop and be mindful of a time that should actually ‘ignite all five senses’ and instead we tend to mindlessly eat. Whilst I do always eat my dinner at the table, I am terrible for eating my breakfast and lunch at my desk and paying zero attention – no wonder I’m forever feeling hungry! What about you? Would you class yourself as a ‘mindful eater’? 

And, if you’re local to Winchester and you’d like to savour more moments then make sure you join me at The King Alfred pub on Wednesday evening from 7pm for Book Club. You can find more details on my event over on Facebook and if you’d like to join then just drop me an email at – Looking forward to meeting you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend – stay warm!

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