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Winter-skin revival

With the weather taking a turn for the cold ❄️ and the heating now officially ‘on’, I find that this time of year isn’t really too kind on the skin. And whilst we can try and hide our lacklustre skin under winter woolies, it’s important to show your skin some love.

I’m quite big on skin care, I always have been since I was a teenager and have tended to follow quite a strict routine. I have oily/combination skin which is also quite sensitive and, as an anxiety-sufferer, my chin is prone to breakouts (all that cortisol in your body has to go somewhere, right) and of course hormones have a part to play too. 

The older I get the more I pay attention to my skin. My nan always told me to take care of my skin from an early age… I used to love sitting at her dressing table with all her creams and pots of Oil of Ulay!

So here are some of the beauty products I’m using now, the ones I’ve used for decades, and the ones I don’t think I’ll ever survive without.

Exfoliation is key

No matter how tipsy tired I am, I have never gone to bed with my makeup on, my skin would never forgive me, so I always make sure I remove all the remnants of the day with a makeup wipe first.


I know there’s lots of advice on what to put on your face and when, to wash your face in cold water, and when to moisturise etc. but I’m not one to follow such advice and have stuck to what suits my skin best. A lot of it has been trial and error (blotchy, red skin is angry skin telling you that you used the wrong stuff) and I’m on the eternal hunt for a smooth, hydrated and dewy complexion. I use the St. Ives exfoliator (the gentle stuff, mind you – the harder scrub feels like gravel on my face) in the morning when I’m in the shower – I find it wakes my skin up. I ran out at the weekend and have only just stocked up and my skin has already broken out.

This Clarins body exfoliator is really indulgent and I use it once a week, or if I’m fake-tanning then before I slap on the orange stuff. A good mitt and some elbow grease and I feel shiny and new!


Coconut oil

Skin products don’t have to cost the earth. This little tub is only around £2.50 in Superdrug but I use it every day and it lasts for ages. Coconut oil is my go-to for my skin, hair and nails. Use a bit on the ends before shampooing and it will add plenty of condition to dry and damaged locks.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

I’m really fussy when it comes to moisturisers and face creams and No7 has always been top of my list. I use their Essential Moisture day cream and their Protect and Perfect night cream as it’s not greasy and a little bit goes a long way.


Bare Minerals

When I find a brand I love I tend to stick with them (and then buy everything they’ve ever made) and my skin definitely changed when I started using Bare Minerals. I use all their makeup as I find it lets my skin breathe and doesn’t clog my pores. Hormonal breakouts are much less frequent since using it and my skin is happier! 


I recently purchased their new skincare range, the clay purifying cleanser is amazing and smells natural and fresh. And their Skinlongevity serum nourishes, hydrates and leaves you with a bit of a dewy glow.


Eye cream

I have lots of eye creams but this is my favourite. It’s the last thing in my night-time skincare routine and it’s certainly helped to reduce those unsightly bags and puffy eyes that seem to creep up on me. Although now I’m in my 30’s it’s so much harder to hide a late night or one that’s seen too much wine. 


The ageing process is happening, and lifestyle choices can certain take their toll but doing what we can to be more conscious of how we treat our skin and using products that are best for us can only help, right? 

What skincare products do you use? Any recommendations?

Ciara sign off