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I’m Cíara and and I’m the founder of Tea & Toast –  a cosy space that focuses on mental wellbeing, slower living, and taking time to reconnect with the stuff that really matters.

Tea & Toast originally started out focusing on lifestyle, but I wanted to create a space that focused on the things that are really important to me and that I truly believe in. Having struggled with depression, anxiety and panic disorder since I was 18, I have found the world of mental health, wellbeing, and generally putting your hands up to say ‘I’m finding it all a bit tough’ very lonely. It’s taken years to build up the courage to talk openly and honestly about my struggles with my mental health (you can read my articles for Time to Change here and here) but I hope that, if you’re looking for support, help or just better routines and habits, that you find yourself in good company!

So, what can I tell you about me?  I live in a little village, just on the outskirts of Winchester, with my husband, Ross, our two cats, Boris and Pancake, and our latest addition, Buckley the Cockapoo.

By day, I run a marketing consultancy , with a BIG emphasis on connecting local businesses with local lifestyles.  And with the rest of my time? Well, you’ll find me savouring the little things in life, donning my wellies for a walk with the dog, and generally working on better habits and practices.

I’m never happier than when I’ve got a glass of wine cup of tea in my hands, and Tea and Toast is a place to take a breath, enjoy the peace and savour some of the simpler things in life – so you’ll find lots of ramblings, tips and support on leading a more happy, peaceful and content life. I really hope you take some time out from your busy life to slow down, and #savourthemoment.

Love, Ciara x




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